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Heath & Safety

It is important to think about the safety of our athletes whether they are training at home or away taking part in a competition. If you have any queries regarding health & safety issues, please contact Lucy Lassiter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or ask at the track.

First Aiders
We have a number of coaches that are currently trained and registered to administer first aid. Please ensure you have provided emergency contact details for yourself and the name and telephone number for your doctor on the membership form.

Sun protection may be required as the season progresses for training sessions and will almost certainly be required for matches. This should be applied at home and a top-up brought along by the athlete. Please could parents sign the membership form allowing coaches to offer additional sunscreen.

Water must be brought by athletes to all training sessions and competitions.

Medication including asthma inhalers should be carried by the athlete or named and handed to a coach. Please discuss any other medication needs with the coaches prior to training.

Health updates
Please inform us of any health issues. Records are kept in the first aid box.

The club aims to be inclusive. Please discuss any disability with the coaches and detail it on the membership form.

Athletes or parents should inform coaches at the beginning of the session of any injuries and any limitation to full participation.

U9’s must be accompanied by a parent or nominated adult throughout the session. U11’s need not be accompanied, but children who are expecting to be collected should inform a coach immediately if their parent/transport does not arrive. U11’s and above need not be accompanied by parents at matches.

Good behaviour is important for the enjoyment of everyone during training. Athletes are expected to observe instructions and safety advice given by coaches and not take part in any activity, other than warm-up, without instruction from a coach. (Please avoid standing on the metal boundary at the athletics track which is easily broken!) We are proud of the behaviour of our athletes at matches and encourage team work to ensure everyone is safe and ready for their event on time.

CRB checks
Coaches and officials have undergone police checks complying with the current CRB policy.